FIND IN CHD is the upshot of an idea to make life even better and worth living. We can profoundly say, you would have never worked with someone like us before because our exquisite way of working set us apart. We are a bunch of elite enthusiast techies who are passionate about taking digital marketing to a whole new level to serve the homeowners and connect them immediately with the top-rated expert professional related to any domain ranging from doctors to event organisers.

We are proud of what we do, and the whole credit goes to our team of geniuses.

Who we Are

Probably you can't connect with someone whom you don't know. So, let's be friends and help FIND IN CHD introduce itself. FIND IN CHD was merely an idea evolved and brought to reality by co-founders PANKAJ KHANGWAL and DAVINDER KUMAR TOUN two self-made entrepreneurs who urged to dream big and make the life of TRICITY dwellers simply easy peasy. We are in our development phase, joining hands with various expert professionals related to every domain and connecting them with the residents who want their services.

FIND IN CHD has become a one-stop shop to cater every requirement of the people of Chandigarh and Mohali. Whichever service you choose, we assure your experience with our verified experts will be glitch free and amazing from every aspect. Shortly, we link the best experts with the people who are interested in/want their services in a most cost-effective way. Get every sort of service within your comfort zone. Before selecting the professionals, we do a thorough check, get reviews from people and see whether they fulfil our criteria or not. If they comply with our set rules then only, they become the part of our family.

We aim to reduce the wastage of time, efforts and cost to great extent. Our sole mission is to reach out to every resident of Chandigarh and Mohali to cater their day to day needs and become an utmost important part of their lives. Whatever is on your list, whether you are looking for a best Chinese restaurant or laptop repair shop, we have got everything covered under one roof. For your every task or need, we make sure that we assign the best and trusted verified experts.

Slowly we are proceeding towards clinching our goal. Our team of reliable, competent, verified, trained team and background verification experts has brought us to this level. We are solemnly dedicated to deliver the very best at your doorstep and simultaneously never let our focus shift from clarity, exquisiteness and reliability.

For us, Customers are our most significant assets. Without you, we are worth nothing. What makes us the happiest is the delight on your face because of us. We hope you are taking full on advantage of our services and will stay in touch with us. If you have any question or suggestion, please never hesitate to contact us at

We are looking forward to serving you and make your life more serene.

How we make FINDING anything in TRICITY easier for you?

We step out of our comfort zone always.

What you are looking for?

No matter you are looking for what, quest and get the most appropriate results.

Select the best out of available results.

For your every query there are results available, select the best expert for you.

Book an appointment to get served.

Within minutes, contact the service provider, reach at given address and get your work done.


Your comfort our priority

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experts / professionals

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checks done

Reliable and completely
trained assistants


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