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Sukhna Lake Chandigarh ( Detailed Tour Guide 2020 With Images )

Are you in Chandigarh right now or planning to visit?

If yes then is one of the most prominent tourist attractions here is on your list.

You must be thinking I am talking about which one. 

It is no other but the SUKHNA LAKE. It is a must-go-to place for locals and tourists. Sukhna implies a wish fulfilled. It is entirely a man-made lake resides in the foothills of Shivalik's. One of the exquisite kinds in its own way, this lake was created in the year 1958 by damming Sukhna Choe which is a seasonal stream that comes from Shivalik Hills. Le Corbusier and Chief Engineer P.L. Verma gifted this beautiful lake to the city. Sukhna Lake depth is 18 feet and occupies an area of 3 sq.km, located in Sector 1 of Chandigarh. 

The moment you enter into the Sukhna Lake Chandigarh Venue, you feel delighted instantly because the aura here is enchanting enough to tempt you. This serene lake represents the perfect bond of flora and Avifauna. The entire lake is embraced by greenery and is an ideal spot to feel the divine. This place is so alluring that the trip to Chandigarh is incomplete without visiting here. Due to its popularity and way it saves nature, the Government of India has declared this place a Reserved National Wetland. Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh is an exemplary delight to eyes and souls. Sukhna lake even became once the venue for Asian Rowing Championships and accredited for being the longest channel for yachting and rowing events. 

Le Corbusier had a great vision concerning this lake and it still thrives. Continuing his legacy, till now no motorboats or other motor vehicles are allowed in the lake premises. He predicted that more and more people would come to Sukhna lake for keeping their body and spirit in an ideal balance. As he said, now every day even before the dusk you can see people of all ages walking, jogging, running, sprinting, etc at Lake's fences. 

The best time to visit this place is when the weather is moderate.  As the dusk shimmers, joggers can be seen wandering and gulping the fresh breeze. Others stroll barefooted on the grass while few meditate at this serene place. In the evening, one can hear a melodious flute or classical music by renowned musicians. During a rainy day, one can even get an alluring glimpse of Morni Hills and Kasauli Hills. As the night descends more and more, the light from Kasauli hills falls into the sea thus adding more beauty to it. It€™s a bewitching sight to see.   

Sukhna even provides membership for open lawns, gym, indoor games, swimming pools, indoor games, and tennis courts. You can enjoy water sports as well here.  
There are myriad of things that you can do while being at the Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh from boating to taking a stroll. There is nothing more serene than being surrounded by elegant green surroundings with the cool wind caressing your body. If you have visited SUkhna Lake Chandigarh then we are sure that you must have missed assorted activities to do here. Folks, check out our entire list here and see how many more things you can do while being at Sukhna Lake and make your trip the memorable one. If you have already missed these then don't forget to do all the activities during next visit.

Images of Sukhna Lake Chandigarh

Things to do at Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh 

Boating at Sukhna Lake Chandigarh 

Boating at Sukhna Lake

We started off our list with this #1 activity then you should do first before proceeding further to another exotic one. There are two types of boats available, one is 2-seater and another 4 seaters. Wear a life jacket first for your safety. From the tickets counter, you can buy a ticket. The cost of the ticket is Rs 200 for a 1-hour duration. Charges are quite nominal compared to other places. Moreover, the timings for boating are from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm. Boating, Sculling, Rowing, Kayaking, Sailing, and water can be enjoyed throughout the year. As mentioned earlier also, the lake has been once a venue for Asian Rowing Championships and is known as the longest channel for rowing and yachting events in Asia. You can also do water surfing, skiing and sculling here.

Cruise at Sukhna Lake

Opening Time

: 5:00 AM

Entry Fee

: Free

Visit duration

: 1 to 2 hour

Boating Price

: Rs 400 per Hour

Closing Time

: 9:00 PM


: Daily

Contact No.

: +91 90418 60645

Type of Boating

: 2 Seater, 4 Seater, Shikhara and Cruise

Hop on Shikhara 

Shikhara at Sukhna lake

Though the Dal Lake in Kashmir is famous for Shikhara ride you can enjoy it in SUKHNA LAKE CHANDIGARH as well. Compared to the paddle boat the charges are high but if you love to get it driven by professional then you should go for it fella.

Visit Le Corbusier Sketches centre

If you are a real Chandigarhphile then you must be familiar with this name. Le Corbusier designed Chandigarh and various prominent buildings. He was a renowned swiss french designer, architect, painter, writer, and urban planner and considered as the pioneers of modern architecture. Here you can check out the sketches made by Le Corbusier and get yourself click in front of them. 

Get yourself Portraited 

get a portrait at sukhna lake

As soon as you enter into Sukhna lake Chandigarh venue, you will find painters sitting on the chairs with their instruments in hand, ready to make your portrait. Most of the tourists who visit this place often get their portrait made from these artists. Get a sketch made by any one of them as all are competent and take along a bunch of beautiful memories. Prices are from Rs 200 to Rs 500. 

Munch at CITCO cafeteria

This indoor restaurant serves Indian as well as Chinese cuisine. Even try the desserts, milkshakes and other drinks from here. Their food quality is 5 stars. You can sit inside the restaurant or outside to enjoy nature as well. Munch your favorite food here and load your tummy.

Keek in Souvenier Shop 

This shop reminds us of Le Corbusier and beauty of Chandigarh. A souvenir shop is managed by the Administration of Chandigarh. Here you can see various gifting items related to Chandigarh to your loved ones. If you haven't been to this shop then now is the time. Take a glance at the things displayed. 

Ride Bull

bull ride sukhna lake

Who doesn't love to ride the bull? Just sit on the bull, hold tightly its Horns and drive back and forth. Isn't it seems crazy? If you want to experience this crazy adventure while being in Chandigarh then Sukhna lake is the best place. For your safety let me tell, please hold the horns tightly otherwise you might get thrown in the air by the bull but chill you will not get hurt. 

High Camel Ride

camel ride sukhna lake

No need to go to Rajasthan to take pleasure of camel ride. Here at Chandigarh city roads also you can enjoy camel ride and feel as if you are sitting on the 7th sky. 

Pose with Chandigarh Peace Symbol

Chandigarh is called "THE CITY BEAUTIFUL" and a perfect epitome of modernity and peace. Whenever you visit it at Sukhna lake, you can see people sitting around it and your trip to this city is incomplete without clicking a selfie with an open hand symbol. 

Stopover suicide point

The main purpose of this tower was to measure Sukhna Lake water level. Years back, people used to ascend here and jump into the lake to commit suicide. But please don't do this as life is very precious and ups and downs keep coming with time. Many suicide cases were reported from this tower, hence it got the name "Suicide Tower". Now the tower has been adjourned and no one is allowed to enter into it. It's still a famous spot for the photographers to click captivating shots. 

Stopover Suicide Point

Shoot with peepal tree

Peepal tree here is said to be the oldest tree of city. It stands tall even before the city was developed and can be seen as soon as you enter into such lake premises. Its beauty tempts tourists to click a photograph with it. 

Stroll or Jog on Jogging track 

sukhna lake

Chandigarhians are health freaks and love to stay balanced. To check if the previous statement is true or not, go early morning to Sukhna Lake to see people of all ages running, jogging, walking or doing physical exertion. The jogging track is developed specifically for the jogger on the main path's right side and on both side, it is covered  by lush green trees. 

Ascend tower to get a glance of Golf course

Climb up the stairs that end at top of the tower from where you can get a whole glance of the lush green golf course. Have you been there ever? if not then pay the visit whenever you go next time. The tower is located on the right hand side of the primary walkway and near the beginning point of the jogging track. 

Catch sight of dawn 

You need to be an early morning riser to get a glimpse of dawn at Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh. If you are fond of watching sunrise then catch the view whenever you are in CHD. Even in the morning, you will find immense people here. Wake up early for just one day if you cant every day to fell in love with nature's beauty. Feel the ambiance of the entire city here. 

Sit on Stairs

After going a few meters away, you will find stairs. Sit on stairs, seeing you the ducks might come closer. Feed them and feel the water waves caressing your body. Take care of kids and children if they are along with you. There is even a rock wall that acts as the fence and here you can often see the couples sitting. 

Climb stairs at back of lake

When you are on a jogging track than on the way you can find various stairs at the backside of the lake that leads to the road. At the bottom of the road, you can see some stalls. 

Sojourn at Garden of Silence 

garden of silence

Now if you have reached the end of sukhna lake in Chandigarh. It is also called Buddha Peace Park and here you can see the idol of buddha in the middle of the park enclosed with concentric circles. As the name denotes, here feel the peace and get your mind and body charged up again. 

Sukhna Water Regulator (DAM)

This controls the water level of the whole Sukhna Lake. The dam is located on the farther end where the Garden of Silence is. Gates remain closed and open in monsoon season only when the water is above the threshold mark. It is the main source of water to Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh. 

I think now you got enough things on your list to do whenever you visit next time SUKHNA LAKE IN CHANDIGARH. The SUKHNA LAKE TIMINGS are from 5 am to 9 pm ( Full week) and there is no entry fee. It is the most prominent part of the city and best tourism spot for immense tourists. Depending on the time and beauty, you can experience the scenic beauty of this lake. Whether its dawn or dusk, Sukhna lake keeps reflecting its eternal beauty. Escape the mundane lifestyle now and enjoy the breath-taking beauty of nature in tranquillity. 

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