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Visit Water Park Now to Experience Thrill and Enjoy

Fun City Water Park

Fun City Ticket Price Amusement Park ? 350 Water Park ? 770 Combo Ticket ? 790

Near Ramgarh, Chandigarh-Nada Sahib Gurudwara Barwala road,Chandigarh, India


Aqua Village Water Park

Chandigarh Kalka Road 134102 Pinjore, India


Thunder Zone Amusement Park

Mohali Sirhind Road, Near, Landran Road, Swara, Punjab 140307



Where are you going for the upcoming weekend?


What if I tell you there is an exotic place to visit this weekend to beat the heat?


None other but it is the water park. Yes, you heard right. Chandigarh is the union territory and the capital of both Punjab as well as Haryana. This perfectly designed city attracts loads of tourists every year. Usually, on weekends, people love to hang out with their family at themed parks as summers are always harsh and irritating.


As soon the ads on our Televisions change to sunscreens, prickly heat powders and cold drinks, notice that the summer has come. The onset of summer is good news for kids and bad for the office goers as its too hot to go outside.


But no matter, how cruel the weather gets there is always a reason to rejoice. Most of us visit hill stations during summers while other due to less time or scarcity of money stay in the city and visit other places such as an amusement park, swimming pool and water parks in Chandigarh to beat the summer heat. But believe me, visit to it is more enthralling than going to hill stations.


Nothing is more pleasurable than spending a weekend with family or friends at water parks in Chandigarh to unwind and revive your soul. There are various parks situated near where you can go during summer, and they draw visitors from outside the city as well. As the name clears in a water park, you can enjoy various aquatic sports, rides etc.


Have you made your mind to pay a visit this weekend?


If yes then we Find in CHD has got a list of best water parks in Chandigarh that cater needs of kids as well as adults and never let you go without feeling satisfied. We have featured the best one only.


Break the monotony of life now and visit instantly to gather more wonderful memories.